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Become the star of your own fitness story

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Become the star of your own fitness story

7 signs of compassionate fitness advice

What does compassionate fitness advice really look like? Here are 7 signs of empathetic advice which shouldn’t trigger a crisis of self-confidence

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5 reasons I hate hearing “eat less move more, simple!”

“Eat less move more, simple!” I really hate this phrase, for 5 reasons - none of them trivial. Especially the last one.

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The 7 stages of grief do they help when fresh air is rationed?

Does the “7 stages of grief” model have anything to say that can help us cope with a loss of freedom of movement and the resulting culture shock?

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5 exasperating questions about fat and health

We can send people to the moon, but can’t agree on the relationship between fat and health, as these 5 questions show.

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Are you a secret Quantified Self?

Do you know what a Quantified Self is? Is it a good thing? Could you be one without knowing it? Do you want to be one?

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7 groups who want to influence your body

It's important to understand that there are groups who want to influence your body and your relationship with it. Some have your best interest at heart, some want to make money. Which are on your side?

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Diet and nutrition: we need facts not fights

Talking about diet and nutrition always gets emotional. It's no wonder we always seem to be at war over it. Let's start a calmer conversation.

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A reward after exercise is part of life

There is no better carrot for getting you going than the promise of a reward after exercise. But it doesn't always have to be a sugar-coated or alcoholic treat.

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Fitness tracker: friend or foe?

Don't have a fitness tracker, yet? Are you a genuine luddite? Or do all those numbers and options just seem overwhelming?

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I love runners who don't run marathons

It might seem as if finishing a marathon is the only running goal you can set. But runners who don't run marathons are still runners.

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Me biting a medal
A few years ago, I got scared that I won't be able to tie my own shoelaces when I’m 70, so I started to work on my fitness.

All the advice I found made me feel I was on the outside looking in. I needed something a lot more me-centric.

Now I feel I have more control and hope for the future.

I’m sharing what I’ve learned so that you can star in your own fitness story.
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