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Become the star of your own fitness story

Fiddle Fit Middle

Become the star of your own fitness story

50 reasons for not exercising

There are a myriad of reasons for not exercising. Chances are that your facing more than 1 of them at any given time.

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When getting fresh air isn't easy, let alone simple

“Get some fresh air!” is the go-to advice dished out to anyone who looks or feels in need of a health boost. What happens when it’s not that available any more?

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5 quick ways to kick-start your fitness mojo!

It can be really, really hard to start doing exercise. I know - I’ve been there. Here are 5 quick ways to kick-start your fitness mojo and get you going.

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5 pieces of demotivating exercise advice

There's so much demotivating exercise advice out there it's untrue. 90% of it seems designed to make you feel guilty and lazy if you aren't Paula Radcliffe.

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5 encouraging mottos for fitness beginners

No slogan is to everyone's taste and some are downright patronising. I've collected some more encouraging mottos for fitness beginners

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21 popular fitness buzzwords explained

The business end of fitness can be really daunting. All those terms! Sometimes you just have to laugh at the fitness buzzwords flying around.

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Me biting a medal
A few years ago, I got scared that I won't be able to tie my own shoelaces when I’m 70, so I started to work on my fitness.

All the advice I found made me feel I was on the outside looking in. I needed something a lot more me-centric.

Now I feel I have more control and hope for the future.

I’m sharing what I’ve learned so that you can star in your own fitness story.
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